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Blackstrap Molasses

It's no secret, I love blackstrap molasses!

It's loaded with nutrients and antioxidants!

And it's lower on the glycemic index than other sweeteners.

What is it?

"Molasses is categorized by how many times the syrup was boiled, and sugar extracted. Molasses is extracted during the

first (light),

second (dark), or

third stage (blackstrap) of boiling.

Blackstrap is the darkest, thickest, and most concentrated molasses.

It has a robust, bittersweet flavor in comparison to the sweeter light and dark varieties so it’s best used in savory recipes rather than sweets. Blackstrap molasses is also the most nutritious as it contains more essential vitamins and minerals than the other types of molasses. That extra boil concentrates those nutrients."

Just 2 Tablespoons of blackstrap molasses contains

  • 1200 mg potassium (25% DV)

  • Calcium (40% DV)

  • Iron (40%DV)

  • Vitamin A (40%DV)

  • Magnesium

  • Manganese

  • B6

  • Selenium

  • Phosphorus

How do I add it to my day?

Add it to your tea, coffee, crio bru, or oatmeal.

I also keep a small travel bottle in my car for an energy boost if I'm feeling the need for a little something between meals or to help me stay alert while driving long distances.

Where do I get it?

Plantation brand organic blackstrap molasses

My personal favorite is organic blackstrap molasses from Plantation.

Available from Vitacost (not sponsored)


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