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What is Foot Zoning?

  • Foot zone therapy is a healing methodology that touches on body systems and organs through accessing the feet. Differing from acupressure and reflexology, foot zone therapy follows a protocol to address each body system to restore overall balance more efficiently and holistically through stimulating the energy meridians. Our bodies know how to heal and foot zone therapy promotes balance and homeostasis to support that healing process.

  • Be prepared to drink plenty of water and allow time for rest, as foot zone therapy opens the pathways to aid the body in ridding itself of toxins that are dislodged and moved throughout the session. Recipients of this type of therapy often report increased energy, a more balanced mental outlook, and an overall increase in mood and sense of vitality. Regular sessions encourage the body to remain in balance, by teaching the body where balance is as well as keeping systems in communication and flow with each other to keep them running efficiently. It’s like getting regular maintenance on your car, only better!

  • Some benefits of Foot Zone Therapy include the release of tension, cleanse the body of toxins, improved cardiovascular circulation, increased energy, created a state of homeostasis and balance, provides preventative health care, strengthens the immune system and immune response creates peace, and more!

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